Meeting Minutes


August 2021

  •  The EWB-PMP chapter met in person for the first time since February 2020! Thanks to Baxter Miatke and Devon White we were able to enjoy a cookout on their deck to meet outdoors in these still-challenging Covid 19 times.

July 2021

  • There was no meeting for the month of July.

June 2021

  • Eunice Nuna, Founder and Executive Director, Wounded Healers International, presented her request for help to develop a shelter for women and girls who experience domestic and sexual abuse in Kenya.

May 2021

  • The May chapter meeting was a follow-up site visit to the Back Cove South Storage Facility in Portland, ME that we last visited in October 2020. Once complete, this $41 million project promises to reduce the polluted overflows into Back Cove by 88 percent, from 150 million gallons to 18 million gallons. Another important feature of this project – the existing soccer field will be elevated by 3 feet to prevent flooding during high tides as the sea level continues rising because of climate change.

April 2021

  • This virtual meeting which was designed to be a “meet the chapter members” evening rather than an event with a speaker. Members each gave a brief description of their work, education, EWB activities, and fun facts about themselves. View Member Slides Here. Project updates will resume next month.

March 2021

  • Angelina Klouthis of the Portland Professional Connections Program and Eammon Dundon discussed their partnership to develop ways for foreign-born professionals to network to find employment in their fields of expertise. You can view their presentation here.

February 2021

  • Dan Bouchard and Peter Merfeld from the ASCE Maine Section provided a very interesting overview of the 2020 Report Card for Maine’s Infrastructure, as well as an overview of the ASCE in general.

January 2021

  • The January 2021 PMP chapter meeting did not include a guest speaker because the new Executive Committee felt it was a good time to reconnect – still virtually – and review what has gone on and what will go on for the chapter

December 2020

  • There was no meeting for December 2020.

November 2020

  • Our November meeting was once again a virtual meeting that took place during EWB-USA’s Week of Celebration and Learning.

October 2020

  • The October meeting took place at the construction site along I-295 at Back Cove in Portland for a tour of the Back Cove South Storage Facility (a 3.5 million gallon sewer/storm water overflow tank) project being built by Sargent Corporation.

September 2020

  • Braydon Norris, a new PMP chapter member, presented an overview of the UMaine water distribution project he is leading along with Kathryn Kleban (UMaine EWB student chapter president) and Casey Schatzabel (UMaine engineering student).

August 2020

  • In a virtual meeting, new PMP chapter member Miles Schelling gave an overview of a water filtration system he designed and installed in Nersa, Kamataka, a rural village in southern India. This project was part of his Master’s Degree program at the University of Rhode Island. 

July 2020

  • Our own Helena Hollauer stepped up to mentor the EWB Northeastern Chapter and traveled to Uganda in December 2019 to help drill and install a drinking water well for a remote community. In a virtual meeting, she shared the challenges, the successes, and lessons learned from the implementation trip.

June 2020

  • In a virtual chapter meeting, Steve Laudage, a PMP member and the team leader of the most recent El Progreso trip, provided an excellent review of the January 2020 trip and next steps for the project.

May 2020

  • In a virtual chapter meeting, Calley Bilgram of the Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief presented “Return Water to Ethiopian Tribes to Save Lives, Livelihoods and Culture,” about a sustainable irrigation system for the Kara Tribe in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley.

April 2020

  • The April meeting was not held due to Covid-19.

March 2020

  • The March meeting was not held due to Covid-19.

February 2020

  • Nasser Rohani, a retired system analyst who has been in the U.S. for decades, presented a short film about the emergence of the Baha’i Institute of Higher Education (BIHE), an “underground” university in Tehran, Iran that was established in 1987.

January 2020

  • There are no meeting minutes for the January 2020 meeting.

December 2019

  • Baxter Miatke provided “part II” of the November presentation about PFAS – the “forever chemicals”, specifically treatment technologies and the developing world

November 2019

  • The El Progreso project team presented the status of their water distribution project, giving an overview of the work accomplished to date.

October 2019

  • Jay Peters, Risk Assessment Practice Leader at Haley & Aldrich, provided an excellent presentation onPer- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs). This class of chemicals (some 3,000 compounds) is in the news and the subject of the soon-to-be released movie “Dark Waters”.

September 2019

  • Benedicto Bonabana, a civil engineer from Uganda and Congo, presented a proposal for building a school in a village in the Watalinga region of Congo, near the Ugandan border.

August 2019

  • August was the month of the last ever EWB-PMP annual yard sale. No meeting was held for August.

July 2019

  • No Meeting.

June 2019

  • Ninette Irabarauta provided an excellent overview of the more recent history underlying the refugee situation in East Africa. Ninette hails from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University. She is a practitioner in Sustainable International evelopment and works with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

May 2019

  • Dr. Aimee Bessire, founder of the Africa Schoolhouse project which is the NGO that funds and manages the construction of schools across Tanzania, presented an excellent overview of her work building schools in-country.

April 2019

  • David Hawkes (mechanical engineer) and Julia Stein (environmental engineer) from the New Hampshire EWB professional chapter  resented their work on a water supply project in the Buyende District of Uganda.

March 2019

  • Nguinamau Celestino, a very recent Angolan immigrant with 16 years of service working for Chevron in Angola, presented an excellent talk about work he did on a rotating equipment redesign project while there.

February 2019

  • Cailtin Corrigan, Director of Preble Street Health Services, described a pilot program called the MMC/Preble Street Learning Collaborative that supports Preble Street’s mission statement to provide accessible barrier-free services to empower people experiencing problems with homelessness, housing, hunger, and poverty, and to advocate for solutions to these problems.

January 2019

  • The Ecuador team presented an overview of their very productive  initial implementation trip to the village of El Progreso in mid-November 2018. The team described the high level of community involvement and support, as well as a number of challenges, topography among them, for working on this phase of the project.

December 2018

  • The Ethiopia team presented an overview of their very productive trip to Debre Birhan September 20 – 28, 2018. The school building project is nearing completion for the first classroom building and the school is anticipated to open within a couple of weeks.

November 2018

  • No Meeting Minutes

October 2018

  • Our speaker was Nassan Rohani, an Iranian who has become a U.S. citizen and worked in IT/Computer Science for 30 years. Nassan’s topic revolved around the cost of discrimination for any country, but his native country in particular.

September 2018

  • No Meeting Minutes

August 2018

  • This months meeting includes updates on chapter leadership and fees as well as our three active projects in Ecuador, Ethiopia, and Haiti. Our speaker was Ron Thompson from the Southern Maine Astronomers club.

July 2018

  • No Meeting

June 2018

  • Our speaker was Stefanie Trice Gill, founding board member of Maine Association for New Americans (MANA) and owner of IntWork, a consulting business specializing in placement of  immigrants into STEM positions that align with their expertise and/or experience.

May 2018

  • Julianne Page presented an excellent overview of her experiences in Bamendjou, Cameroon while she was a member of the student EWB chapter at the University of Delaware. She described the water supply project for 3 communities (about 1400 people) the students worked on. The project began in 2006 and the monitoring phase extended to 2012.

April 2018

  • Four students (Meribel, Ruby, Tess and Allie) from King Middle School presented their wind turbine project they entered in the Maine state KidWind challenge. The KidWind challenge is part of their studies of climate change and its effects. Gus Goodwin, a teacher at King Middle School, briefly described the engineering design program at KMS and how expeditionary learning helps students make a connection to real world problems.

March 2018

  • No Meeting

February 2018

  • Nadia Glucksberg presented an overview of the project team’s assessment trip to El Progreso, Ecuador January 21 – 27, 2018. This is a water distribution project for a small farming village of about 50 buildings and 110 residents located in the cloud forest. She noted the major challenges coming out of the team’s assessment trip.

January 2018

  • Guest speaker Wendy LePage, a scientist at Idexx US, served in the Peace Corps in Mali from 1991 – 1993. Wendy presented her experience as a forester working in Mali on issues that included deforestation/soil erosion, inadequate potable water, and poaching.

December 2017

  • Nadia Gluckberg reviewed the latest Power Point presentation that is available for STEM presentations at area schools.

November 2017

  • We welcomed Godfrey Wood, who runs the Habitat for Humanity (HFH) for Greater Portland Area. Godfrey gave an insightful presentation of HFH’s missions and shared the current builds that are going on in Scarborough, ME.

October 2017

  • We welcomed Bruce Fowler from Sevee & Mahar to present a recap of his role as the USM student chapter mentor for their water project trip to El Descanso, Ecuador. Nadia discussed current projects, local outreach, PE support and fundraising.

September 2017

  • We welcomed Hunter Wing from the USM student EWB chapter to present a recap of their solar installation project at the Hogar Rafael Ayau orphanage in Villa Nueva, Guatemala. Nadia discussed current projects as well as chapter outreach.

August 2017

  • We welcomed Captain Lars Whelan, a mariner of note and problem solving project manager, to give an overview of his work on the Greek island of Lesbos during the refugee crisis of 2015. Nadia summarized the ongoing projects.

July 2017

  • We welcomed Pat McKeowan, a senior engineer at ECT2 (subsidiary of Haley & Aldrich) who provided a video of the water project he worked on in Ward 8, Nepal to deliver water to the village water tank.

June 2017

  • No Meeting occurred.

May 2017

  • We welcomed Charlie Burnham from Sevee & Mahar Engineering and Neil Franklin from Haley & Aldrich to give an overview of a proposed water treatment project in the village of El Progreso in Pichincha, Ecuador.

April 2017

  • We welcomed David Hawke, VP of the EWB NH Professional Chapter, to talk about their water supply project in Gwase, Uganda. Highlights of David’s presentation were: The project has good support from the community in Uganda,The chapter has a grant writing team to help with funding projects, The chapter has a defined process for creating a project team;

March 2017

  • Kevin Russ, a geotechnical engineer at Haley & Aldrich, and a veteran of the school construction project in Debre Birhan, Ethiopia, gave an overview of the project’s progress from September 2015 to present. The focus of his presentation was on building plans for the first school building, given the challenges of working with limited materials, tools, and equipment.

February 2017

  • Thanks to Gabe Sullivan from Jay Cashman, Inc. in Quincy, MA is the Haiti bridge project manager. Gabe presented a formal update on how Hurricane Matthew (2016) impacted the bridge project, shifted priorities, and how his company determined the path forward (and how we can help).

January 2017

  • President Nadia Glucksberg opened the meeting by asking for introductions of attendees and reviewed ongoing chapter activities and news, including Milembe School, Debre Berhan project, thanks for holiday generosity for a local family.

November 2016

  • Due to a last minute presentation cancellation, President Nadia Glucksberg opened the meeting with reviewing ongoing chapter activities and news.  Jim Landau, a structural engineer and member of the Debre Birhan project team, graciously agreed to present an update on the school design status.

October 2016

  • USM EWB student chapter members Hunter Wing and Lucas Johnas provided an excellent update on their solar panel project at the Hogar Rafael Ayan orphanage in Guatemala. The students plan to travel to Guatemala in January 2017 to work on an open loop solar water system to provide heat and hot water for the orphanage. They also plan to train people at the orphanage to maintain the system.

September 2016

  • No speaker for this meeting.  Instead it was a Chapter Planning Meeting to discuss the needs of the projects currently underway and possible future projects.

August 2016

  • No meeting – Check out the Yard Sale Fundraiser.


  • No Meeting

June 2016

  • Baxter Miatke, E.I.T. and Master’s candidate in Environmental Engineering at UVM, presented his experience as an EWB student chapter member partnering with the Vermont EWB PMP chapter to design re-use of gray water (from cooking and laundry only) for crop irrigation in the village of Venecia, Nicaragua. The rainy season is coming later each year, presumably due to climate change, which precipitated the request for help to design re-use of gray water.

May 2016

  • In the absence of President Nadia Glucksberg and VP Kathy Kern,  Secretary Kathy Hillman Reed opened the meeting and introduced the guest speaker Randy Braley.  Randy owns Navigo, a consulting company currently working on a large desalination project at the Dead Sea.

April 2016

  • Nadia discussed ongoing project announcements.   Scott Teas and Pam Hawkes were our guest speakers. They are principals at Scattergood Design, LLC in Portland, ME, an architectural practice devoted to solving problems with architecture and building restoration projects.

March 2016

  • Amy Floren was our guest speaker.  Amy works with Bridges to Prosperity, an organization that provides isolated communities around the world with access to essential health care, education, markets and economic opportunities by building bridges over impassible rivers.

February 2016

  • Arsene Sebaziga was the guest speaker.  He arrived in Portland from Rwanda in the 1990s following the genocide there.  Arsene works as an assistant engineer for the MaineDOT and is an EWB member.  Nadia discussed ongoing fundraising and the upcoming Portland Uncorked! event.

January 2016

  • Tarlan Ahmadov presented a PowerPoint overview of Catholic Charities of Maine’s (CCM) Refugee and Immigration Services and Language Partners program.  Nadia discussed ongoing EWB chapter activities and fundraising.

Dec 2015

  • A seasonal celebration at the SeaDog Brewery.  Nadia discussed ongoing EWB chapter activities and fundraising.

Nov 2015

  • Sally Sutton and Deb Breiting from Portland Adult Education presented their program which helps immigrant and refuge engineers and scientists transition to life in the US.

Oct 2015

  • Matt Wolcott presented information about Safe Passage and the great work they are doing in Guatemala.

Sept 2015

  • Wei Go, from the EWB Hartford Professional Chapter presented on the successful implementation of a water project in Sabhung, Nepal.

August 2015

June 2015

May 2015

      • Keith Stone presented an overview of his trip to Debre Birhan in March 2015.

April 2015

      • Hunter Wing, president of the USM student chapter, presented an excellent overview of their trip to Guatemala in February.

March 2015

      • Leila Pike presented slides and a discussion of her trip to Cameroon where she visited a friend serving in the Peace Corps.

February 2015

      • EWB-USA webinar on project sustainability.

January 2015

      • Tom Szymoniak presented on PSU’s December trip installing latrines in Ethiopia. PSU’s latrine project is a component of our Ethiopia Program.

October 2014

September 2014

      • Rita Cooper presented an update on the progress of the Ethiopia project.

August 2014

      • Kathy Hillman Reed and Jessica Pierce led a discussion about the planning status for the wine & beer tasting event, now named “Portland Uncorked!”.

July 2014

      • Rita Cooper shared slides from her recent assessment trip to Debre Birhan, Ethiopia with Scott Winchester and Angelique Kidd Smith.

May 2014

      • Dan Plunkett talked to the group about his work in various African countries.

April 2014

      • Judy Bruenjes reported on her recent trip to Ecuador.

March 2014

      • Sally Sutton (Program Coordinator at the New Mainers Resource Center at Portland Adult Education) provided an overview of the “Skilled Professional Program” and the “Workplace English and Job Class Programs”.

January 2014

      • Wardah Mahdi presented her thesis research on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and shared her experiences as a site engineer in Iraq.

November 2013

      • Bob Andoh, Chief Technology Officer at Hydro International, gave an interesting presentation highlighting his thoughts about the global challenges in the 20th and 21st centuries relative to water as a precious natural resource.

October 2013

      • The assessment team presented on their September trip to Debre Birhan, Ethiopia.

September 2013

      • Jean-Claude Zasana presented information about his work with the CARE microfinance program and the VSLA (Village Savings & Loan Association) program in Rwanda.

August 2013

      • Matt Randall, Katie Abbott, Emily Gervais, Charlie Burnham, Sandy Macovsky, and Shanta Keller reported on the latest project trip to Dorgobom, Ghana.

June 2013

      • Pious Ali shared his experience with Seeds of Peace Camp. The Maine camp hosts children from around the world to participate in activities that promote religious and cultural understanding, combat violence, and address economic challenges.

May 2013

      • Sam Franklin shared his experiences with the Peace Corps in Ghana (2008-2012) and our travel team discussed their recent assessment trip.

April 2013

      • Brad Wolfe shared his experiences with the Peace Corps in Honduras

March 2013

      • Due to the winter storm and unsafe driving conditions, the March 19th meeting was canceled. The presenter was rescheduled to April.

February 2013

      • The project team discussed the assessment trip scheduled for April.

January 2013

      • Holly Jacobson discussed her work at MASS Design Group in Boston. MASS Design Group helps build clinics and hospitals in rural poor communities around the world, using native materials, and local oversight. They use design and architecture to support health care and improve public health.

December 2012

      • Peter Atherton discussed ADios Ministries and his efforts to support water/sanitation/infrastructure projects in Nicaragua. Peter is an engineer (and Senior Vice President) at Wright-Pierce and Project Director for ADios Ministries.

November 2012

      • Philemon Dushimire is a lawyer and former judge and professor from Burundi where he was suspended and threatened for acquitting an innocent man.  His presentation discussed his personal views of political justice and democracy in Burundi.

September 2012

      • Leo Larochelle discussed his professional humanitarian work in Ghana with USAID.

June 2012

      • Chishala Kapupu, a recent graduate from Colby College with honors in geology, shared her experiences completing her studies in Maine, Australia and Swaziland

May 2012

      • Eugenie NDUWAYO presented on her work in Africa on erosion control

April 2012

March 2012

February 2012 Meeting Minutes

January 2012 Meeting Minutes