STEM Outreach

EWB-PMP continues to be active in the Greater Portland community through partnerships with area schools to introduce students to our projects and engineering concepts.

In March 2019 we presented  to a group of pre-engineering students (juniors & seniors) at Falmouth High School. The time was shared with Scott Christman, Program Manager of Trade Training & Apprenticeship at Bath Iron Works. The goal was to emphasize the importance of STEM, describe what post-secondary school opportunities are available for high school students in ME, and describe what EWB is and does. 

On November 1, 2019 four members of the PMP chapter participated in the Portland Public Schools STEM Expo at the University of Southern Maine. There were over 50 exhibitors set up in the Sullivan Gymnasium, all of whom had a story to tell about using science, technology, engineering and/or math to solve problems in the world. Approximately 1,000 students in grades 1 – 5 attended the event throughout the morning and early afternoon.

Our exhibit focused on our water distribution project in El Progreso, Ecuador. To engage the kids, we filled two 5-gallon buckets with water and asked them to calculate how much a bucket weighed. We then challenged them to see how long they could lift the full bucket, while explaining that in many places in the world kids their age had to carry water weighing at least that much sometimes a mile or more several times a day. We posted the length of time various students lifted the buckets, which became quite competitive. We also discussed how we plan to deliver potable water to the village of El Progreso in the cloud forest of Ecuador.

As the school year progresses we expect to partner with a variety of schools to talk to students about our projects and what EWB-PMP does.