Water Project in El Progreso, Ecuador

The EWB-PMP chapter continues to work on a water distribution project in El Progreso, Ecuador. The project team traveled to El Progreso in the fall of 2018 for the first phase of implementation that included building a catchment for one of the water sources and installing concrete pads for the water storage tanks. A second implementation trip was completed in January 2020. It included completing pipe construction for the water tanks, starting to dig a trench for the conduction line, and surveying for distribution lines to individual homes in the village. Remote project work continues as EWB-PMP volunteers and our partners in Ecuador meet virtually. Additional implementation trips will be made when it is safe again to travel.

Below are some photos of the team on their trip to El Progreso in January of 2020.

Community School Debre Birhan, Ethiopia

Engineers Without Borders teamed with The Community Project: Ethiopia to increase public health through education and sanitation in Kabele 06 in Debre Birhan. This project team developed and built the 1st of 4 classroom buildings. While EWB-PMP’s work is complete, our chapter continues to provide support as other aspects of the project proceed, such as installation of solar panels on the classroom buildings.

The project team traveled to Debre Birhan, Ethiopia in the fall of 2018 to oversee the completion of the first school building in a planned community complex of classroom buildings. The first building is now complete and children (K – 2) are attending school. Since the PMP chapter’s charge has successfully been completed, the project has been closed out. 

Finished 1st building
Teachers & Students

The overall goal is for the Habitat for Humanity community to build the remaining school buildings based on design and construction of the first building with EWB-PMP’s guidance.

Student Chapters

EWB-PMP is proud to support the EWB student chapter (EWB-UM) at the University of Maine in Orono (UMaine). EWB-PMP is currently collaborating with EWB-UM on a water distribution project that the student chapter is developing in Ixtupil, Guatemala.

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Project Leads
Ecuador ProjectJulianne Pageecuadorlead@ewbportlandmaine.org
Guatemala ProjectBraydon Norrisguatemalalead@ewbportlandmaine.org
Ethiopia ProjectStan Reedethiopialead@ewbportlandmaine.org