Engineers Without Borders – Portland, Maine Professional Chapter (EWB Portland Maine)

EWB Portland Maine was established in early 2010 in order to support the University of Maine student chapter and engage Maine professionals in the works and vision of EWB-USA.  We are dedicated to providing Maine’s engineers, health professionals, teachers, and students with the opportunity to contribute to building a better world.

Engineers Without Borders – USA (EWB-USA)

EWB-USA partners with developing communities in over 45 countries across the world.  Our membership consists of professionals and students from a variety of professions including engineering, health, anthropology and business.  EWB-USA members make up over 250 chapters located throughout the USA.  Through its projects, EWB-USA provides innovative professional educational opportunities that provide a global perspective.

Each EWB-USA chapter makes at least a five-year commitment to a partnering community.  With the community’s input, the chapter designs and implements low-cost, small-scale, replicable and sustainable engineering solutions to problems identified by the community.  This includes water, sanitation, and renewable energy.  EWB-USA members train local community members and local NGOs to successfully monitor and maintain the projects.


President Nadia Glucksberg
Vice President Lars Whelan
Secretary Kathy Hillman Reed
Treasurer Jay Peters
Ethiopia Project Stan Reed
Ecuador Project Baxter Miatke
Ecuador Project Julianne Page

Engineers Without Borders – Portland, Maine Professional Chapter
P.O. Box 66823
Falmouth, ME 04105